Nearly 60 million abortions since 1973.

Every year about one million abortions occur in our country. That means 1 abortion takes place about every 30 seconds. In California, over 200,000 abortions occur every year. In Riverside County, approximately 7,000 babies are being aborted each year. We stand firm on the truth from God’s Word that babies in the womb are created in God’s image and every life matters. Abortion not only destroys the sacred gift of life in the womb, it devastates the lives of the women, men, and families who are affected by this critical decision. Often, those connected to an abortion live with the pain, guilt and shame the rest of their lives.

Our passionate goal is to have the Lord lead women to call or visit our mobile clinic when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. At Go Mobile For Life, we empower women with education and truth to help them make an informed decision. They are welcomed in a safe, caring environment where we offer hope and support and as a result, many find truth, life…and Jesus Christ!


Why We Go Mobile


Mobile Medical Clinics are one of the most effective ways to reach abortion minded women. We are the first responder as we go to, rather than wait for a woman in crisis. Abortion determined women are often more likely to walk onto our neutrally branded mobile unit than a pregnancy resource center.

  • Mobile is a more effective way to expand our reach independently and with partners without having to build a satellite office.
  • Mobile allows the flexibility to move to locations according to demographic changes and population shifts.
  • Mobile is an effective enhancement to pregnancy centers who need to expand or require more space.
  • Mobile allows the opportunity to share resources and partner with other centers, churches, foundations and other organizations to serve the community.