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Refer Family And/Or Friends

High school and college-aged women seek abortions more than any other age. We want women to come to our mobile clinic first so they can hear about all their options, have an ultrasound, and receive the love of Christ. A key way that women find themselves at our mobile clinic is though a friend or family referral! So talk about us! Let girls or women on campus know there is a safe place to come when they think they may be pregnant. There are also opportunities for student groups to hold fundraising campaigns, collect items for our mobile clinic and also serve though special projects.

Card Distribution

We have business cards available that you can distribute to people and places to spread the word about the RV mobile clinic.  The cards say “Pregnant?” along with a QR code directing people to a separate website where girls and women can learn more about seeking help for an unplanned pregnancy.  If you would like to help in this way, send us a note on the Contact Us page.

Pregnant Card

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Occasionally we have other opportunities to get involved.  Fill out our volunteer form Volunteer Form page to introduce yourself and express your interest in the ministry!

Where Most Needed

Funds donated to the “where most needed” category are applied to expenses to operate the mobile unit, regardless of where the mobile unit is deployed. We encourage donations in this category.

Scatter Seed

Funds donated to this category will support the printed materials that offer our services and educate women in need.

Sponsor An Ultrasound

Funds donated to this category will go to paying for ultrasounds and any surplus funds will be put towards other no-cost patient services we offer.

“Go Mobile For Life” is a division of The Scharpen Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization.
Donations to Go Mobile For Life are tax-deductible.