Sherry Has A New Beginning!

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Sherry* came to visit us suspecting she might be pregnant. And unfortunately, she wasn’t certain who the father could be, telling us of her long-term boyfriend and active involvement in prostitution.


As she went through the medical intake forms, Sherry shared her grieving childhood of being passed around from home to home. It seemed she had been treated as a ’throw away’ person. After coming out of a group home, Sherry had worked hard and was encouraged by her progress. Now as a young adult, she desired stability and wanted to make meaningful changes in her life.

Sherry was very excited about having a baby, yet undecided what to do if the father of the baby wasn’t her boyfriend. We discussed options and when abortion came up, Sherry was very uncomfortable and didn’t even like saying the word. We were relieved to hear this news! We let her know that we are a pro-life ministry to advocate for her in making the best choice for her and her baby.

We then shared the baby models, and let Sherry hold the model that is 26 weeks in development. She said, “They won’t do an abortion on a baby this big, will they?”  We explained that unfortunately there are some doctors that will do a partial-birth abortion. Her eyes welled up with tears and she said she could never have an abortion. We continued to show her the baby models, and she was in shock, not realizing that even at that early stage of development, the baby is indeed a human being.

Sherry’s pregnancy test came back negative. She expressed relief but seemed a bit disappointed too, as in her heart, she truly wanted to have a baby!

We asked Sherry what things were most important in her life. She listed a stable home and education as priorities, so we inquired how having a baby would affect those goals.  Sherry came to the realization that she wanted to provide the best for her baby; however, she wasn’t in a stable home and hadn’t completed her educational goals.  She also shared that she’d recently had a meth addiction.

As the clinic visit progressed, Sherry was educated on the risks of STDs and abstinence. Sherry agreed that abstinence was a wise decision based upon her current goals and life situation. We were encouraged by her positive response!

Sherry’s life had been built on a faulty foundation. We took this window of opportunity to share the gospel with her. She said no one had shared the gift of salvation with her and stated she had never gone to church but had a belief in God. We shared the good news of Jesus Christ, discussed sin, that we can never be good enough to earn our salvation and that Christ has made a away for us through His righteousness. She listened very intently. When we asked Sherry if she would like her sins to be forgiven, to repent and turn to Christ for salvation, redemption and a new life in Him, she said yes!

We praise God for what He did this day in bringing this young woman to Go Mobile For Life! How exciting to see Sherry’s new beginning, what this gift means for her eternal future, and for her life now as a young woman who has never had stability.The Lord has become her anchor! Your gracious offerings have ministered truth and love to those who have neither!

* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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