We at Go Mobile For Life (GMFL) are setting aside Tuesday, October 17 for a day of prayer and fasting.


Will you help?


California pregnancy centers remain under attack from AB775, which is an unconstitutional law that mandates and compels pro-life centers to refer for abortion. After it was signed into law last year, the only recourse was to look to the courts for justice.


Two cases are before the courts at present, one at the federal level and one at the state level. See below for more details.


NIFLA (Federal Case)

 The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) provides life-affirming pregnancy centers with legal counsel, education and training (Go Mobile For Life is a member of NIFLA). 


NIFLA filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of California pregnancy centers. This case was defeated in both district court and in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  NIFLA then appealed the case to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). 


On October 13, the SCOTUS reviewed the case of NIFLA v Becerra, and make a determination whether or not to grant the appeal.  Our prayer is that SCOTUS will agree to hear the case during the 2017-18 session.


NIFLA launched a 56-day prayer vigil, asking pregnancy centers and other supporters for continued 24 hour a day prayer starting August 1 through September 25, 2017 related to the current case before the SCOTUS. 


Go Mobile For Life signed up to be responsible for Thursday, September 7.




Our Clinic (California Case)

 As we mentioned in last month’s newsletter update, Judge Gloria Trask issued a very encouraging opinion, stating that AB775 is effectively unconstitutional. 


In our July 21 trial setting conference in Riverside Superior Court, it was agreed that we would proceed with a trial by briefings.  Our first brief is due tomorrow, August 22nd.  Our final brief is due September 29th.  Oral argument is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18


Judge Trask’s ruling will be issued by November 21.


Pray that God’s will be done, justice will be served, and women and babies will be protected from this damaging law. 


Pray for strength and wisdom for our attorneys, Bob Tyler and Nada Higuera, and that their factual and legal arguments will be persuasive to Judge Trask.


Supreme Court Justices

John Roberts, Chief Justice

Appointed by George W. Bush


Anthony Kennedy (Ronald Reagan)


Clarence Thomas (George H.W. Bush)


Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Bill Clinton)


Stephen Breyer (Bill Clinton)


Samuel Alito (George W. Bush)


Sonya Sotomayer (Barack Obama)


Elena Kagan (Barack Obama)


Neil Gorsuch (Donald Trump)


Specific Prayers

1) Pray that at least four Supreme Court justices will vote in favor of accepting NIFLA’s appeal.


2) Pray for each Supreme Court justice by name. 


Pray that each Justice will see clearly the serious issues in this matter and will rule in favor of the pro-life pregnancy resource and medical clinics in California.


3) Pray for the California pregnancy centers and medical clinics. 


Pray that they will remain strong during this season of attack, will stand boldly against the anti-life forces that intend to bring them down, and will be supported by their communities.


4) Pray for the legal team from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) that is representing NIFLA — Attorneys Kevin Theriot, Ellisa Graves, Ken Connelly, and ADF president Michael Farris.


Pray that the arguments and case being prepared for the SCOTUS will be persuasive and prevail.


5) Pray for NIFLA’s attorneys, Anne O’Connor and Thomas Glessner, who are part of the legal team representing the NIFLA California network.


6) Pray for the financial health of both NIFLA and ADF that they will remain strong financially to enable them to continue this fight for life across the nation.


7) Pray for the continuing battle against abortion nationwide and for the appointments of justices to the SCOTUS who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.