Patient Feedback

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Patient Feedback!


Each patient is given an exit questionnaire with several questions. One of the questions is: “What did you like best or least about the services you received?” 
Here are some responses from our last 25 patients:
“Very professional, respectful and nice – That I saw my baby – Staff makes you feel welcomed -The staff – Resources available – That it’s free – Very understanding and helped with resources –Very friendly I got a lot of information and it was free, this really helps – Clean, easy to get in and out– They were very compassionate and went out of their way to help me – They give helpful resources – The care/support of staff – Very helpful,nice and informative – Very supportive/informative – I really liked it  Confirmation – Everything was wonderful and pleasant– I like how friendly the staff is.”

We are blessed to have a wonderful team of staff and volunteers!  Your prayers and support are making a difference!  

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