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There has always been something that has bothered me about a common defense of illegal or harmful behaviors. Specifically, the justification that, whether it’s legal or not, women are going to get an abortion so we should provide them with safe options. This is disturbing logic.

The basis of this argument is not a new one. Many believe it’s safer to give public school kids condoms, taking away parental choice, because they are going to “do it anyways” and lessen the teen pregnancy and STD consequences. 

According to Professor Mike Kelly, director of the Centre for Public Health, schools are a crucial source of advice on sexual health for young people. “Evidence clearly shows that the availability of contraception reduces the rate of unwanted pregnancies,” he adds.

This echoes advice issued in the U.S. last autumn by the American Academy of Pediatrics that condoms should be available in schools and other community venues. ( 

There are government endorsed needle exchange programs so that drug users can inject themselves with various illegal substances and reduce their risk of HIV transmission. But I ask you, is the answer to these illegal or morally questionable behaviors to provide government funded programs to alleviate some of the consequences?

Whether dealing with abortion, teen sex or drug addiction, the purpose of these programs is to attempt to mitigate consequences to behaviors that are harmful to self and others. In the case of the “Pro-Choice” movement, someone has to die to mitigate consequences.

In the words of our founder Scott Scharpen, “Here at Go Mobile For Life, we recognize that abortion is not the problem, but a symptom of the more fundamental challenge that people do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.” And so I ask you, should we be relying on a person’s own moral conscience to decide whether or not a baby has a right to live?

At the outset, let me say that from a pro-choice point of view, the status of the fetus is a peripheral issue. Regardless of whether a fetus is a human being or has rights, women will have abortions anyway, even if it means breaking the law or risking their lives. Even women who believe that abortion is murder have chosen to get abortions, and will continue to do so. That’s why we should leave the decision up to women’s moral conscience, and make sure that they are provided with safe, legal, accessible abortions. Because ultimately, the status of a fetus is a matter of subjective opinion, and the only opinion that counts is that of the pregnant woman.  (Pro-Choice Action Network)

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