Mobile Moments (5-5-17)

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A New View

Sam* came to the unit excited and nervous that she may be pregnant.  She expressed that both she and her boyfriend desire to have a family.  If pregnant, the couple plan moving their family to Oregon to reduce expenses even though they have just enlisted in the military. Their plans and future seem uncertain.

The couple currently lives with his mother. His mother is upset about a possible pregnancy and will not talk with Sam. Sam shared that she hides out in her bedroom, scared. Her own mother is supportive of a pregnancy though doesn’t desire to have the couple move in with her at this time.  Sam is feeling very much alone.

Sam’s pregnancy test came back positive; her initial reaction was one of disbelief.  We then showed her our lifelike baby models. As she held them, Sam couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The models gave her a new understanding about the new life inside of her!

We praised God as Sam was getting her ultrasound; her expression changed from one of fear to weeping and sweetly giggling as she saw her baby moving and kicking. She said, “He’s going to be a dancer.”  At this crossroad, Sam realized that she needed to talk more with her boyfriend so they can plan out their next steps for their future as a family!

We then had an opportunity to share the Gospel. Sam stated that, in her youth, she was forced to go to church. Even so, she had never received the message of salvation through Jesus Christ! Though she is not ready to follow Christ, Sam did allow us to pray for her and her family. She was very grateful.

Please lift up this new family in prayer—for healing, provision, unity, and faith—as they step into their new future together!


Mercy Triumphs

Jody*, a young woman living with her mother, stopped by the unit looking for confirmation that she was indeed pregnant. Her mother was in disbelief and making their living situation difficult.

Initially, Jody was very guarded in giving us information.  She did share with us that she had initially visited Planned Parenthood to confirm her pregnancy; her first test and ultrasound came back negative. When she missed her menstrual cycle, Jody returned to Planned Parenthood. Her second test was positive; however, they would not show her the ultrasound screen confirming life! We urged Jody to find an OBGYN so she can begin receiving medical care right away. 

Jody shared that the father of the baby is very supportive and working hard to get them a place of their own.  She is, however, without a car and a job at this time; the father of the baby has been paying for an UBER to get her wherever she needs to be as he is working full time.

When we asked about her spiritual beliefs, Jody shared that she is feeling very embarrassed to go to church at this time. We shared with Judy the unconditional love, grace and mercy of Christ that is available no matter where she is in her life.  Previously, she had not experienced the love of God in this way! Jody asked many questions about her walk with Christ and her prayer life which provided us with an open door to share scriptures highlighting His heart toward her.

We prayed with Jody and invited her to come back. Jody was not ready to give her life to Christ, but she did want to know more.  We equipped her with a Bible and marked the scriptures we shared as well as the name and number of a local church in her area.

Please lift Jody and her family up in prayer as she continues to seek Him and begins this new chapter in her life.


*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


Mobile moments like these illustrate the reality of the lives of women we see in this ministry.  Many of them are making choices out of desperation and lack of guidance. Your donations give women like Sam and Jody a safe environment with grounded Christian women so they can hear truth and receive education that promotes critical thinking. For example, when we guided Sam through the Linear Shared Decision Making tool, she saw the need to be more intentional and thoughtful in talking with her boyfriend about their future with a new baby. Obviously we don’t condone having sexual relationships outside of marriage, but the fact is so many men and women choose to do so. The result? Innocent babies who need their parents to choose life, make good decisions, and have the courage to fight through difficult circumstances.

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