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All Things Are Possible
While out running errands, Hazel* decided to visit our unit. She is a military wife and new mother of a seven-month old daughter. Her husband is awaiting a medical discharge from his service.
Hazel shared that she had experienced medical issues a teen and was told by the attending physician that she would never have children.  Nonetheless, Hazel had remained hopeful. Encouraged by the birth of her daughter, she came to see us for a pregnancy test for a possible second child.
Hazel’s tests results were negative, but the door opened for a spiritual discussion and a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel! Hazel mentioned she had attended church as a child but did not consider herself a believer. We gave Hazel her own Bible. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Hazel agreed to dedicate her life to Jesus! She said that her visit with us was truly a divine appointment and left feeling positive about her future with Him.
A Divine Appointment
Marissa*, in her late teens, suspected she was pregnant. While walking by the mobile unit, she decided to stop in. When asked what she planned to do if she was pregnant, Marissa responded, “My mom doesn’t believe in abortion.” Her statement revealed that she had not yet evaluated her personal beliefs, opening a door for us to inform and educate her!
Thankfully, Marissa’s pregnancy test was negative. We used this opportunity to view the life-like baby models explaining that babies of all sizes can be aborted. The look on her face was that of shock. She exclaimed, “I couldn’t kill a baby!”
When asked about a relationship with Jesus, Marissa’s demeanor changed immediately! Her enthusiasm apparent, she said ‘Yes!’ We discussed the love of the Lord, the importance of surrounding herself with believers, getting plugged into a church, and life choices. On her exit questionnaire, Marissa stated, “I liked best that they listen.” A great reminder that a listening ear and an open heart can mean so much to someone!
We are so thankful for the opportunity to share the love of Christ in our medical clinic!
* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals


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