Mobile Moment Day in Lake Elsinore

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April 21, 2017

Parking spot at the corner of Main & Heald in Lake Elsinore 


Wednesday, April 19th

Today was an amazing day as we clearly saw the Lord’s hand moving in the city of Lake Elsinore and in His ministry! We are excited to report that we had seven visitors to the unit on a first day launch!

But this story actually started on Tuesday in prayer after hearing that both our nurse and advocate were sick, which meant we couldn’t operate the clinic.  Scott, our clinic administrator, had already planned to spend some time looking for new parking locations* in Elsinore using his own vehicle. However, the Lord led Scott to actually drive the RV while scouting the area with Charlie, one of our drivers.

It soon became clear why we needed the RV. While temporarily parking in a large lot at the edge of Old Town on Main Street, Scott was taking a picture of the RV with its surroundings.  Right at that time, three women were walking by, and one of them inquired about our services.  It turns out that she works for the City of Lake Elsinore in community development, supports what we’re doing, and provided information on how they want to help promote our services.  And she herself is pregnant! A divine appointment indeed!!

Returning to Wednesday…nurse Kathy was still sick, so we went out with advocate Cimarron, mobile assistant Chris, and driver Mike, with the goal of increasing awareness and possibly scheduling future appointments. Since this was our first time in this location, we pondered the response we might receive – and we soon we found out! Just before noon, a young woman who only spoke Spanish, arrived at the unit. Chris, having been immersed in a Spanish speaking family while on the mission field, was able to communicate basic information as well as get her name and number. We then called our volunteer translator, Liza, to obtain further information needed to schedule an appointment for the following day with our RN.

Just as our first visitor was leaving, we had the blessing of meeting a representative from Lake Elsinore Community for Hispania. She was so excited about our services and presence in Lake Elsinore. The rep took our cards and offered to post a picture with our information on her website. She reassured us that we were much needed in this area.

Just a few minutes after our fist two visitors, another woman came to the unit in need of our services. She also only spoke Spanish. Again, we were able to connect her with Liza to find out pertinent information to serve her. Although the young woman was already under a doctor’s care and did not fit into our parameters of service, we were clearly seeing the need in this community to serve women. Praise God for equipping us so intentionally on this day with both Chris and Liza.

As we were approaching mid-afternoon, and in awe of what the Lord had done, a young man walked up to the unit. We learned he was just finishing up seminary school and his wife was finishing medical school. He and his wife are locals with a call to missionary work. We gained further encouragement through him that the need in this area is great. The young pastor wanted to know how he and his wife could get involved and shared that they serve with the Lake Elsinore Dream Center, another new Christian ministry in this area. What wonderful reassurance from our Lord that He had called us to this specific location to serve women and babies.

Two more young women came to the unit, one of them accompanied by her mother, both in need of our services. Although we had just been out this day to increase awareness, we had the opportunity to make appointments for each of the women in Murrieta the following day.

Lastly, we stopped by the Dream Center, located directly across the parking lot. In the large window, a banner hung, “God is making all things BEAUTIFUL.” While we looked at the historic brick building, a woman came out. She shared with us the hopes and prayers for this community and vision the Lord has given them. She gave us great insight and a wonderful welcome as she shared the work the Lord is doing in Lake Elsinore. It was exciting to get a glimpse of God’s calling on His people and the opportunities we have to co-labor for His great name and His glory!

* Parking is always on our prayer list as it continues to be a major challenge in Riverside County, largely due to restrictions with property management companies and concerns about liability. Every time we start in a new location, we start the process of building community awareness all over again.

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