A Gift of Grace for Gabriella

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A young woman came to the clinic accompanied by her cousin. Gabriella* was in need of a pregnancy test. As we sat down with both women, it became apparent that Gabriella was making destructive choices in regard to her sexuality and relationships in her life.  She shared that the potential father of the baby and her mom definitely wanted her to abort the child.

During our conversation, our hearts were grieved to hear Gabriella laughing quite a bit as we discussed serious matters. She didn’t seem to grasp a true understanding of the gravity of the choices that she was making, nor how they could affect her life and the life of a child.

We were relieved when her pregnancy test came back negative.  We took this opportunity to go through some critical thinking regarding lifestyle choices with Gabriella and her cousin.  As we talked further, Gabriella became more transparent. She talked about having multiple sexual relationships.  We explained the risks of STDs and when she saw the sexual exposure chart, it looked like her stomach dropped, and she and her cousin looked at each other with deep concern. As we discussed risk avoidance and abstinence, she indicated she was in agreement to these changes in her life.

Gabriella indicated on her paperwork that she is a Christian. We explained that the Lord desires that we have sexual relationships in the right way, at the right time with the right person in marriage with someone who values her and shares her beliefs. Gabriella’s posture and demeanor relaxed; she looked excited to hear that it wasn’t a ‘no’; it was just a ‘wait’ for the right person at the right time.

She also opened up about some of the hardships in her relationships, particularly with men. We asked what obstacles she was experiencing that kept her from having a dedicated relationship with one person. She began to tear up, admitting that she was the one pursuing them and, once she spent time with the man, Gabriella never heard from him again.

The Lord gave us the desire to share with her the worth she has as a young woman and a daughter of the Most High God.  Gabriella began to cry.  We could see a brokenness and a humility come over her.  She said, “I know what I’m doing is wrong. I’ve been so hurt.”  We gently explained that we often make choices out of the pain that we are suffering.  It was clear that she was searching for intimacy and love, but looking in all the wrong places with all the wrong people.

Our hearts ached for Gabriella as we could see her desperation and her yearning for love, to be valued and have a lasting relationship.  A perfect opportunity to share the love of Christ with her!  We shared and reaffirmed the Gospel message. She explained that she had heard this message before and had a desire to recommit her life to Jesus. We asked if she would like to do it today and she said, “Yes!”  

We also gave this invitation of salvation to Gabriella’s cousin who had never heard the Gospel!  We explained that Christ’s sacrifice, His grace, the gift of eternal life, and personal relationship with God was available for her too. She decided to give her life to Jesus!  It was incredible to see the turnaround in this conversation. Where there had been hardness and indifference, there was a softening and an acceptance.

We shared a final prayer with Gabriella and her cousin and hope to see them again for a return visit and opportunity for discipleship. Please continue to lift these young women up in prayer as they begin their walk of faith as the Lord leads!

Through your financial support and prayers, you continue to provide opportunities for education and salvation. You enable the Gospel message to be shared with those who are desperately in need of the Savior!

* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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