While I have always been pro life, my role as an activist began in January 2013. As a volunteer pastor at Rock Valley Christian Church in Murrieta, California, God inspired me to give a sermon on abortion. The preparation for and delivery of that sermon changed my life forever. The Lord showed me that I was asleep, and not fulfilling my Biblical responsibility to defend life. And He was waking me up to do something. Yet I still didn’t know what God was calling me to do.

Two days later, I was praying and meditating and God revealed a very specific ministry which involved going mobile in an RV equipped with an ultrasound machine to show women life inside the womb! I didn’t even know if this concept existed. I then Googled “mobile ultrasound abortion” and appearing on page one of the search results was ICU Mobile (based in Akron, Ohio). I quickly perused their website and after a few minutes realized that this ministry was nearly identical to what God revealed earlier. After additional discussions and prayer, The Scharpen Foundation purchased a mobile RV unit from ICU Mobile in the summer of 2013 and drove it from Ohio to California.

For a variety of reasons, we experienced several delays, yet God’s timing was perfect. After months of prayer, preparation and waiting, we obtained our official clinic license from the California Department of Public Health in July 2014 and launched our mobile clinic in August 2014.

My wife Carolyn and I give God the Father and Jesus Christ all the glory for inspiring this ministry and providing the initial resources to deploy the unit! We look forward to seeing how God will grow the ministry as we seek His direction and wisdom.

Here are a few messages I delivered on the topic of abortion and our role as Christians today.

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Scott Scharpen


Scott & Carolyn Scharpen