AB 775 Lawsuit

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AB775 Lawsuit Update

Last Friday, October 28th, I was deposed as a witness for our medical clinic in conjunction with the AB775 lawsuit we filed in November 2015. The plaintiff in the case, the California Attorney General’s office, conducted the 6 hour deposition in Los Angeles with me, and our attorney (Tyler & Bursch, LLP) in attendance. 

Prior to the deposition, the AG’s office requested dozens of documents and hundreds of pages related to both the clinic and ministry. The AG’s office asked me about a number of these documents during the deposition, along with several other questions.  

On the way to the meeting, the Lord reminded me of Luke 12:11-12, “Now when they bring you to the…authorities, do not worry about how or what you should answer, or what you should say. For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”  I’m overjoyed to report that from our attorney’s perspective, the deposition went extremely well! I give glory to God for the peace and wisdom He provided throughout the deposition. After answering certain questions, I was thinking, “Thank you, God!” for giving me the words to speak. The court reporter thanked me for clear and articulate answers. And finally, the deputy AG thanked me for an excellent deposition. He went on say that he hoped they don’t have to depose me again, because I don’t make their side’s argument look very good. Of course, the deputy AG didn’t have to tell me that, but we’re glad he did! Once again, praise the Lord for His abundant provision throughout the deposition process – He gets all the credit!

This type of lawsuit typically takes 18 months to two years, so we still have a way to go. As a reminder, Tyler & Bursch took this case on a pro bono basis, and we greatly appreciate the generosity of their law firm! We will keep you updated as we hear more. Thanks for your continued prayers that justice is done and lives are saved. 
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