Go Mobile update for April 2015

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Dear Go Mobile For Life donors and supporters:

On behalf of the Go Mobile For Life ministry, I want to express our continued gratitude for your support and prayers. We have a few exciting updates to share with you.

Clinic Expansion – this month we expanded our clinic operation to four days per week! This breaks down as one day in Temecula and three days in Corona. We are having some challenges getting full approval to enter the cities or Norco and Eastvale, which I will describe in more detail in the prayer section below.

Heartwarming Donation – we recently received a very special donation from a 10 year-old boy. He handed me an envelope and inside was $50.00 in cash. I was moved to tears because this boy felt so strongly that he wanted to help save babies from abortion that he was willing to donate a substantial amount of his savings to make a difference. Praise God for his faith and heart of love!

Crosspoint Church Event – we had a very successful awareness event and fundraiser with Crosspoint Church in Temecula. Crosspoint’s pastoral team & staff are excited about the Go Mobile ministry and demonstrated tremendous support throughout the process. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with them in the Temecula area. This event raised over $10,000! Praise God for the generosity of His people! These funds will pay for an additional day per week in the Temecula/Murrieta/Lake Elsinore for six months ($20,000 pays for one day per week for the entire year). This will bring the overall clinic operation to five days per week beginning in approximately the June time frame.

Client Success Story!
A teenage girl came on the mobile clinic with her mother, while the teen boyfriend/father of the baby stayed outside talking to our driver. The mother mentioned said they had been looking for Planned Parenthood when they saw our unit. They identified themselves as Christians.

While our nurse gave the client a pregnancy test, our Client Advocate talked with the mom of the teenage girl (i.e., the grandmother of the baby). This mid-30s woman kept saying, “I’m too young to be a grandmother!” Our counselor was able to gently tell her that if her daughter was indeed pregnant, she was already a grandmother!

As our nurse took the client into the ultrasound room, we invited the father of the baby onto the unit. The “grandmother” proceeded to comment about what a beautiful unit we had, and how there wasn’t anything like this when she was pregnant. She didn’t recall being able to have an ultrasound to see her baby, and learn about the baby’s development in the uterus. When the boyfriend came onto the unit and sat with the grandmother, everyone was able to see the baby on the TV monitor. This young mother was quite a bit further along in her pregnancy than anybody realized – in fact, she was already halfway through her pregnancy! The grandmother was shocked to be able to see this baby on the screen. The father of the baby was speechless.
When the young mother came out from the ultrasound room, we brought out the baby model (exact size, shape & weight) that was closest to her own baby and gently handed it to the mother, telling her, “This is what your baby looks like.” She was overwhelmed, amazed, and quite nervous. The counselor then took the baby model and handed it to the grandmother, and said, “This is how big your grandbaby is.” She was overwhelmed, and couldn’t believe what a baby that age looks like. The teen father got to hold the baby model and we prayed with all of them. The grandmother appreciated the service that we provided to her and her daughter, and that she got to see this precious baby on the ultrasound. When they left, we thanked God that we were available to minister to them. We believe that if that ultrasound had not been done, they would have gone on to Planned Parenthood to seek an abortion.

Save The Date (2015 Banquet) – we want to announce our 2nd annual Corona/Norco/Eastvale banquet, which is Sunday, September 20, 2015 at Eagle Glen Country Club in Corona. Please mark your calendars for this special event!

Prayer Requests – please pray for the following areas of the Go Mobile For Life ministry:

1. God’s daily direction – pray that God will guide our steps by imparting His wisdom and understanding.
2. Clients – pray that God leads women to the mobile clinic to receive the help they need.
3. Staff & volunteers – pray that our clinicians, counselors, drivers and other volunteers will be led by the Holy Spirit as they serve anyone who comes to the clinic.
4. Sharing the gospel – pray that women (and the men who may come with them) who hear the gospel will be ready to receive the love of the Father and Jesus Christ.
5. Locations (Corona/Norco/Eastvale) – while we currently have approval to operate within the cities of Norco and Eastvale, they require us to obtain permission from the appropriate property owners prior to parking the mobile clinic. Please pray that we will find property owners in high traffic locations who will allow us to park the mobile unit to serve women.
6. Locations (Temecula/Murrieta/Lake Elsinore) – in addition to our current location in Temecula (corner of Ynez and Winchester Roads), we are researching other locations that may bring greater numbers of women, and would appreciate your prayers that God would lead us to the most effective spots.

If you know of others who might be interested in the Go Mobile For Life ministry, feel free to forward this update or refer them to our website atwww.GoMobileForLife.org.

All Glory To God,

Scott Scharpen
Go Mobile For Life

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